Abe brings a tray with a tea can and three cups to his dining table, where Jo and Henry are sitting. Jo is watching the photo and says: "Is this you with your parents?"
"Me and my adoptive parents"
"So this woman is the one whose skeleton we have found ?"
"Yes, unfortunately."
"This man looks a bit like you, Henry. Is he related to you ?"

Henry, still not knowing how and if explain the secret to Jo, avoids the question and says: "Arent't we all related to each other?"

"Henry... Didn't you want to tell me your secret ?" says Jo and looks at him reproachfully.?
"Yes he wants." says Abe, who has finished serving the tea and sits down, looking at Henry reproachfully, too."

Henry waits a moment, then he says: "This adopt mother of Abe was called Abigaile. The ..."
"Abigaile ? Wasn't this the name of your Ex ?" asks Jo, but Henry continues his sentence: "The biological parents of Abe were killed in Auschwitz at the end of world war II and they were called Weintraub. Abe was about half a year old, when he was adopted."

Abe rolls up his sleeves and shows his prisoner number.

"I'm so sorry." stutters Jo.

"He was very lucky." says Henry. "Infants and young kids were unwanted and were specifically killed, because they couldn't work."

"That must have been horrible times. How can humans do such terrible things to other humans." says Jo and takes a sip of tea.

Henry tries to catch time:
"Many nations did similar things after the nazis. America for example, killed hundreds of thousand people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And only 11 years ago, Ruanda killed 800.000 humans."

"And the Jews killed ten thousand arabs from 1948 til now." completes Abe.

"Enough history lessons. You both only try to gain time. Who are the parents on this photo ?"

Jo is angered and impatient. Neither Abe nor Henry wants to start telling the secret to Jo, so it was silent for a couple of seconds.

Finally it was Henry who began:
"Jo, first of all I must tell you, that you won't believe what I will say to you now."

"Try it." says Jo.

"Allright. My name is Henry Morgan and I was born September 19, 1779. Every time I die, I will come back naked in the nearest water."

"I was 34 when I died the first time, aboard the Empress of Africa. I returned and since then didn't grow older any more."

"Stop! Henry, do you really think I can believe in what you said ?"

"No, as I said, you won't believe me."

"But that's the truth, Jo." says Abe. "I always catched him on the East River, you have seen us several times. Do you remember ?"

"Yes I do, and if this is true, it would explain a lot of things. But now seriously: No human can live longer than about 130 years. That's a law by nature."

"Yes, of course. But it must be a kind of curse. I've tried to find it out my whole life, without success. But last year, a man named Adam called me and said, that he also can't die. You have seen him, too. He was the one who killed me in the subway cellar. Before I died, I inject him a chemical substance that puts him in a coma."

"You died in the sub? But there was just your watch, the photo and the man in coma."

"Exactly ! When I die, I lose everything at the place I die. That's the reason why I come back naked. And I didn't kill Adam on purpose. If I had killed him, he would still live and try to kill me."

"Why does he want to kill you ?"

"He was sure that he found out, what can kill us. - The same weapon that killed us for the first time."

The Cuckoo clock beats 4 o`clock and gives everyone a chance to make a short break and drink some tea.

Jo continues:
"That is a story wich contains a lot of fantasy elements. I don't think that I can believe it, without some proofs."

"Henry, I will look for the replacement clothes. Jo, dou you have your gun?" says Abe and stands up.

"What do you mean ?" says Jo and stands up, too.

"He means that you have to kill me, to proof our story." Henry stands up with an earnestly face.

"Are you both crazy ? I will kill no one." says Jo in the same moment as her mobile rings. "Jo here — Hello M'am — Yes he's here — What ? - Where ? - Yes, we will come immediately."

"A male body was found in the East River... - naked."

Henry and Abe stares at Jo with big eyes.

"Henry, can we forget our conversation for a while ? I think, I must sleep one night over that."

"Of course, I will come with you now."

Jo and Henry are driving in the car to the East River. Jo asks Henry if there are more immortal people than he and Adam. Henry denies that, he doesn't know more. And the body which was found is dead he says, and therefore not immortal.

... to be continued